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    Herbert's Testimony

    A Message Of Hope

    Herbert Williams was in shock when he was released from the hospital after suffering a heart attack due to a bad diet and lack of exercise. He stunned doctors and amazed his cardiologist with his complete reversal. In less than one year he transformed his health, heart, and habits with his desire to win and not give up - but most importantly through the grace of God.


    Prior to being admitted to the hospital Herbert lost his father, he and his family had purchased a home, their daughter moved out to begin her adult life and their bank account was compromised – all within one month. Couple this with deep fried and processed foods, sugary sodas and a high saturated fat menu along with sedentary lifestyle, Herbert’s ticking time bomb. Once the pin was pulled from the time bomb Herbert found leading to the heart attack shortness of breath. He couldn’t sleep without sitting upright. He couldn’t find relief. He’d been to the doctor about 2-3 months prior for bronchitis and thought it had returned. He would continually cough at night and was certain bronchitis had returned. His wife urged him to go to the doctor. Herbert stubbornly didn’t want to go. One morning after misery for the whole family, Herbert’s wife jokingly said if you do not go to the doctor I will call an ambulance to pick you up. He agreed to go to the doctor. He went to Springfield Clinic and within two hours was checked into the ER at St John’s hospital.


    The next week he stayed in the hospital as his family and friends prayed for his healing. He’d always felt something was missing in his life but never really told anyone. In the hospital doctors, nurses, cardiac staff, chaplain, and visitors came and went. He was told he wouldn’t live more than 7 to 10 years (if changes were not made).

    He was released but prescribed multiple drugs and told to wear a LifeVest. Herbert felt like a dead man walking. Why should he even try – it was all over, or was it? After about three weeks he and his wife were on their way to go out and about antiquing. Herbert was depressed. Herbert’s wife Clarissa told him as they sat at a stop light, “Sometimes God has to wake you up when you won’t listen. Sometimes he has to show you that you need him”. Herbert didn’t want to hear what she had to say so she asked him, “If this hadn’t happened would you be thinking different, would you have even considered playing, would you be concerned with diet or exercise?”

    Herbert decided he would be a victor, not a victim. He kick-started his walking which led to running. He changed his diet – empting his cabinets from processed foods, butter, sodas and sugar. Of course every change didn’t happen overnight. Over time he researched every diet, every study and learned how plants, vegetables and spices would help reverse his condition.

    Herbert’s fight went several rounds which resulted in a fully functioning heart, 6 months into the journey it was now better than it was when he was a teenager – he has been 100% healed.


    Herbert grew up in the Appalachian mountains of Kentucky in Leslie County where he grew up with a father that had emphysema and they lived a poor life. He didn’t realize how important countless meals of beans and vegetables would be to him in the future. As a graduate of Union College in Barbourville Kentucky with a bachelor degree in Psychology and Sociology and studying advanced nutrition classes he had the background and knowledge to grasp his new destiny.

    Weighing in at his heaviest upon check in at the hospital he was almost 300 lbs and is now a consistent 165 lbs. His blood pressure and his body weight are now perfect! He loves to tell anyone that will listen that "faith breeds hope and hope breeds change". He inspires others with his motivational talks and encourages everyone to trust Jesus Christ. He rightly attributes his healing of body, mind and spirit to Jesus his savior.


    During Herbert's motivational speaking he shares ideas to change your lifestyle and fitness routine. Herbert has helped his whole family change for the better. Simple, Strong and Spiritual – a new path, blessed abundantly by grace.

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